Cloud enablement through

Cloud Services

The Value of Cloud

Our comprehensively instrumented QN cloud platform allows you to place your workloads on the cloud that aligns best with your economics and optimizes your security and performance.

Cloud – Private

QuadraNet’s hosted private cloud offers physically isolated, dedicated resources for compute, memory and storage to help meet the most demanding security and compliance needs. Our software-defined, AI-infused infrastructure solutions can scale rapidly while simplifying operations.

Cloud – Private Multitenant

Multitenant clouds offer secure, enterprise-class solutions on a robust, scalable and fully redundant architecture for your production workloads. Multitenant clouds also provide production-grade “instant capacity” for backup and disaster recovery.

Software Defined Storage as a Services (SDSaaS)

Our software-defined storage platform is suited for the most rigorous applications and workload demand. With the robust ability to present all storage protocols at various and configurable performance tiers. Hyperscale, dedicated, multitenant, data protection workloads are protected by our well-architected design and SLOs.



Seamlessly integrate to the cloud of your choice – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more.


Cloud Enabled Features and Services

99.999% Up Time

Software Selection

Future Scaling

Management Tools

Self Service

Data Protection

Data Security

One Cloud

Data Security Private Cloud Setups

Self Service

Software Defined Security

Granularly Control Access to Environment

Micro Segmentation

VM-level Security Services

Scalable to 40G


Software-Defined DDOS Mitigation

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Prevention

Regulatory Compliance


Log Management, Event

Correlation by our Virtual SOC


Protection Against Vulnerabilities

Regulatory Compliance

Comprehensive Reporting