Resources & Tools

QuadraNet develops and makes available a number of tools and utilities both for clients and for the general public. Questions regarding these tools can be directed to development@quadranet.com. Please note that these tools and resources are actively maintained, but not guaranteed, so we cannot offer any assurances regarding their use.

Network Status Monitor

Visit: http://status.quadranet.com

IP Calculator

IP Calculator: https://neo.quadranet.com/utilities/ip

Calculate CIDRs, netmasks, gateways, and usable IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6 with ease.

Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator: https://neo.quadranet.com/utilities/password

Generate up to 50 passwords at once from 8 to 24 characters, using your choice of uppercase, lowercase, numerics, and/or special characters.

QuadraNet API

Services API: https://neo.quadranet.com/client/api_docs

Write scripts to interface with our back-end.

Official QuadraNet Time

Official Time: https://www.quadranet.com/time

QuadraNet’s official timeclock. Provided in Pacific Standard Time (PST), this page should be used when requesting maintenance to be scheduled at a specific time or to find out if a particular department is open, etc.

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